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About RCG India

RCG India is an end-end IT service company providing solutions in eCommerce development, web application development, mobile application development, custom software development, and quality engineering to our clients across the globe.  Acquired by RCG Global Services in 2019, RCG India is committed to further enabling your digital transformation and enriching your customers’ experiences with your organization.

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How We Achieve Digital Transformation

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For more than 4 decades, we have affected business change, enabling digital transformation, and delivering measured value and impact. We have enabled clients in the Global 1000 marketplace to realize their digital ambitions — providing digital solutions across mobile, web, cloud, and legacy platforms, with a focus on integrating front end processes with actionable data and analytics.

Digital Strategy

At the start of a digital transformation, the implementation strategy and roadmap focuses the team and keeps them on course. This allows for the implementation of essential elements to drive value today and the ability to integrate more advanced elements such as AI and Machine Learning at the appropriate time.

Digital Engineering

Innovation at digital speed requires agility and focus as well as modern architectures and technologies to be successful. We need modern data and mobile architectures to support the way in which we access and transact data. Speed is important, not only as you put your infrastructure in place; it is also critical to enable fast changes enabling you to constantly improve and adapt.

Digital Sustainment

Preserve and enhance existing technology investments by automating and streamlining processes, and adding functionality not available through off-the-shelf application packages. RCG provides Digital Sustainment capabilities to develop, maintain, support, integrate, deploy, and monitor application systems using a cost effective, dual-shore approach.Automate and streamline your processes

Knowing Your Customer Better Tomorrow Than You Do Today

The first step in improving your customer engagement is to know everything about your customer. A single view of the customer and all of their interactions and relationships is creating a 360° view of your relationship.

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Reclaiming $100 Million of Lost Revenue Annually

Introducing a more modern, digital, approach speeds up the laborious and inefficient processes for scheduling and completing home health care visits. The result has been a happier workforce, better care for patients, and a significantly improved bottom line.

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Optimizing Insurance Claims Operations

Implementation of a new claims system off loads low value add tasks freeing up time for adjusters to focus on working with the customer.

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