Digital Business Roadmap

Provide clarity and guidance with actionable strategy for achieving measurable business outcomes

The Digital Business Roadmap Challenge

Keeping the business vision real and current can be a major challenge. Creating a repeatable and achievable process around the company roadmap for supporting and achieving the company strategy has long been a problem for organizations. Clearly communicating and getting teams to deliver the required changes takes a skill set and repeatable process that most organizations do not have or do well. Between multitasking and operational responsibilities, it is hard to focus and govern these roadmaps. RCG has both the process and skills to help facilitate and deliver a practical Business Roadmap that can be managed and kept up to date over time to ensure that ongoing changes in priorities and direction can be managed and incorporated.

  • Typical Companies:
    • Have a strategy or concept of general direction
    • Have some set of strategic initiative identified
    • Have some governance processes in place
    • Have identified some key dependencies
  • Most, however:
    • Do not have a strategic framework to accomplish goals
    • Do not have a clear understanding of the roadmap
    • Do not know the true priority of initiatives
    • Do not have coordinated governance processes
    • Do not truly understand all existing dependencies
    • Do not have an effective set of documented policies and procedures
    • Do not have the defined metrics, measurement capabilities, or automation level to know exactly how they are performing
    • Do not know where to start to correct these issues