Policy Administration Upgrade & Sustainment Support

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Documenting Code Changes, Shifting Sustainment, Roadmap Creation

Migrating a core system for any company is critically important, when it involves moving from a legacy AS400 platform to a cloud platform requires special skill sets.

Desired outcome

A well regarded life insurance company reached out to RCG Global Services to join their transformation team.

They needed to augment their staff who had to focus on the implementation of the new system, but needed to make sure the existing platform performed flawlessly as that was the life blood of the company.  A critical part of the process was complete documentation of current business processes for their Individual life business unit.  This was a critical requirements document for the migration phase of the project since code modifications had been made on top of the vendor code and was integral to the implementation of the upgraded version of the administration system.   Finally producing a long term Strategic Road Map for utilization of the documentation in their business processes.


  • 3 Month reduction in new system implementation time
  • 50% reduction in overall project risk reduction

Our Solution

RCG Global Services assembled a dual shore team to work closely with the client to execute three work streams to produce the documentation

  • Work Stream 1 – Reverse Engineering and Trade Coding to understand the current application, document same, and take over sustainment support.
  • Work Stream 2 – Business Process Analysis, document current business processes and map to applications.
  • Work Stream 3 – Strategic Business Road map, understand the strategic business objectives, align to supporting technologies, and prioritize key business and IT initiatives.

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