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Operations Optimization Helps to Drive Digital Transformation

The efficiency and effectiveness of your operations can be the difference between failing and scaling your ...

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Agile Analytics

Agile Analytics offer the potential of breaking the cycle of futility, and delivering meaningful business impact ...

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RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics

RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics has evolved from our work with several regional banks that do not ...

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Why Financial Services Must Develop Deeper Customer Insights and Connections

Developing a more intimate and comprehensive relationship with customers offers a plethora of both short-term and ...

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Healthcare and Mobility: What Executives Need to Know

This white paper explores:   Mobile is now: Eight in ten Americans have a smart phone ...

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Technology: The Key Driver to Success in Today’s Retail Industry

It’s an age-old truism of the retail industry: The most successful retailers are those that provide ...

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Four Fundamental Obstacles to Successful Analytics

Business today pressures management professionals to make rapid-fire decisions in a business environment that’s constantly in ...

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The Changing Healthcare Landscape

Rarely in history has an industry the size of healthcare undergone such dynamic change in so ...

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Customer Centricity & the New Role of Data in Financial Services

When compared to other industries, companies within the Financial Services industry know very little about their ...

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