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The Future of Quality is in Automation

by Dov Rosenberg –  Our future is filled with almost unimaginable forms of new and improved ...

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Develop a Quality Assurance Placemat

by Jeffrey Coleman –  I am a huge fan of going out on a Friday night ...

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Transitioning QA & Testing to DevOps

by Andro Cobarrubias –  Don’t be a Scorpion A scorpion and a frog meet on the ...

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Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing? It’s a Smart Move

by Frederick (PJ) Punzalan –  “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s a phrase you’ve heard your entire life. ...

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How Mobile Test Automation can Save You Money, Time, and Lost Customers

by Bob Lambert & Robert Santos –  Reduce the World’s Infestation of Defective Mobile Apps It’s ...

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Three BIG Reasons Why QA Testing is Worth Every Penny Spent on It (and More)

by David Pyle –  Do you hate paying for testing? I know that some of the ...

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Software Quality Should be a Shared Responsibility – Not a Hot Potato

by Lynda Mendiola –  “Software quality isn’t my job. It’s their job.” The “their” in that ...

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Advanced Testing in the Age of AI and Predictive Analytics: Are You Ready?

by Jonathan Silverio –  Not so very long ago, if you wanted to know the current ...

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Getting Your Shift On: A Holistic Approach to Shift-Left Quality Assurance Software Testing

by Rachelle McLure – How are you doing quality assurance software testing at your organization? Odds ...

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