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Managing Agile to Achieve Insurance Business Goals

by Jackie Sembrano –  As Insurance companies embark on large programs such as Digital Transformation initiatives, ...

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The Future of Software Testing in the Insurance Industry is AI and RPA

by Joel Pascua – The digital tester The challenge of providing high-quality code is as old ...

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The Synergy of Man and Machine: Augmented Analytics

by Joanne Basilio – In the rapidly evolving digital world, disruption through technological innovation has become ...

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The Modern Insurance App: Key Considerations for Maximizing Your Customers’ Experience

by Charles Sybert – Now more than ever in today’s digital world, it is fundamental for ...

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COVID – 19 Change Accelerator

by Charles Sybert – I heard in a zoom meeting the other day, “large companies empower ...

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How to Accelerate Your Digital Initiatives

by Gokul Jayabalan – I would first like to share my deepest and sincere heartfelt gratitude towards ...

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“Insuring” your workforce is not lost in your Digital Transformation

by David Pyle –  Insurance Industry hacks to take Digital Transformation to the next level Data, ...

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Harnessing AI to Achieve Value-Driven Business Outcomes

by Charles Sybert –  When you mention AI, many people jump to IBM’s Watson or a ...

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Insurance Quality Assurance Trends 2020

by Darwin Castro –  “Build what again.”  This is most likely the reaction you would get ...

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