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Supercharge Your Customer Engagement Initiatives with AI – Right Now

by Dr. Rob Nelson, Intelligent InnovationTM AI | Advanced Analytics | Cognitive Solutions Practice Lead Are ...

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The Action-Driven Process of Improving Customer Engagement Through Digital Transformation

by Dov Rosenberg, VP Consulting & Delivery Services Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important ...

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The FAST Digital Path to Value Creation

by Thomas Clarke 1995, 2007, and 2009 were milestone years in the evolution of digital transformation. ...

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The Value in Strategic Program Health Checks

by Chris Colston, August 3, 2018 Several years ago I had a procedure where the dentist ...

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The Missing Ingredient to Success: Understanding the Culture of your Offshore Partner

by Matthew Wright, July 27, 2018Offshoring is a Strategic Imperative…Offshoring is not new.  In fact, in ...

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Value Creation – A Digital Journey

by Ashu Bhatia, February 16, 2018Of course, the digital lifestyle has been around for some time. ...

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Revenue Management – have you ever sold a used item?

by Ashu Bhatia, August 18, 2017Have you ever sold anything? Old books, your bike car or ...

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How Healthy is your Mobile Strategy?

by Jim Dwyer Mobile is the New Normal The mobile experience your patients and members demand ...

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Data Warehouses and Data Lakes Serve Different Purposes

by Rick Skriletz, July 7, 2017Data and its use have always been a challenge. It begins ...

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