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The Data-Knowledge-Insight-Action Digital Value Chain

by Debashis Rana – Knowledge is power. That’s a commonly accepted truism that has been around ...

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The keys to success in delivering agile analytics in as little as 5 days

by Scott Chesney & Thomas Clarke –  It is shocking just how long some solutions take ...

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Key Success Criteria for Managed Services: A Data Lake Environment Example

by Joe LoLordo –  Managed Services covers a broad spectrum of IT services and support that ...

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Apply Big Data Techniques to Credit Risk Management

by Aldrich Veluz –  Taking risk is an integral part of the banking business and practicing ...

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Customer 360: You Know All About Your Banking Customers. You Just Don’t Know What You Know.

by Michael Fischer –  How much do you truly know about the customers that your financial ...

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How to Succeed with Open Source Software

by Rick Skriletz –  There is a shift happening in enterprise IT today. A decade ago, ...

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Big Data Analytics Offers Oil & Gas Producers Opportunity to Reduce Cost and Increase Profits

by Bryan Morgan –  Companies in the oil and gas industry strive to achieve the same ...

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Data Warehouses and Data Lakes Serve Different Purposes

by Rick Skriletz –  Data and its use have always been a challenge. It begins with ...

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Be careful how you build that data viz! The Power, Speed and Dangers of Visualizations

by Aldrich Veluz –  Not so long ago, creating a visualization that graphically portrayed volumes of ...

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