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Micro-personalization, Hyper-business and the Red Queen for Financial Services

by Joe Mendel – “Alice looked round her in great surprise. ’Why, I do believe we’ve ...

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The Modern Insurance App: Key Considerations for Maximizing Your Customers’ Experience

by Charles Sybert – Now more than ever in today’s digital world, it is fundamental for ...

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Curious Case of the Bank in a Box

by Ameya Paranjape – The economic impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic highlights the need for ...

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How to Accelerate Your Digital Initiatives

by Gokul Jayabalan – I would first like to share my deepest and sincere heartfelt gratitude towards ...

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Hire an Enterprise Architect – Or Risk Living in a House of Cards

by Nicolaas Botes –  Planning an add-on or upgrade to your organization’s enterprise software capabilities? You’re ...

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4 Steps to Successful Cloud Migration

by Mark Sontz –  More and more organizations are moving to the cloud to enable innovation, ...

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From Monoliths to Microservices – Benefits and Challenges

by Mark Sontz –  Microservices are all the rage these days. They are currently getting a lot ...

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Strategic Cloud Migration of Applications is Not as Simple as Lift and Shift

by Rachelle McLure & Rick Skriletz –  Businesses are continuously improving and evolving our application portfolios ...

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Future-proof Software Testing for Agile, DevOps and beyond

by Niko Mangahas – This is a follow-up to a previous blog titled, “QA Survival Guide: ...

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