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Develop a Data-Driven User Experience (UX)

by Clare Villalva – Thinking back 25 years to 1996, the idea of ordering a household ...

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Goldilocks and the Three BaREs: an Evolutionary Ecosystem for Transformation in Financial Services

by Joe Mendel –  As I am writing this, the latest Mars explorer, Perseverance is getting ...

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Identity Resolution and Your Unified Insurance Customer Profile

by Darwin Castro –  You hear phrases like “Single view of the customer,” “360-degree customer view,” ...

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Micro-personalization, Hyper-business and the Red Queen for Financial Services

by Joe Mendel – “Alice looked round her in great surprise. ’Why, I do believe we’ve ...

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Healthcare Unchained in 2021 and beyond: Key Trends and Enablers in the New Frontier

by Dr. Rob Nelson – Healthcare feels like it’s been on the verge of transformation for ...

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Use Message Consistency to Drive Insurance Loyalty

by Charles Sybert –  Today, insurance companies are rushing to meet the digital experience demands of ...

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Chronic Care Disease Management and Reducing Hospital Re-admissions: Using streaming data and AI to help get the job done

In a recent eBook, Dr. Rob Nelson shared how to achieve business at the speed of ...

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The Magic of the Metrics Cascade

by Robert Wolverton – In a previously shared eBook, Strategic Context – A Life Hack for Your Business”, Thomas Clarke identified ...

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The Synergy of Man and Machine: Augmented Analytics

by Joanne Basilio – In the rapidly evolving digital world, disruption through technological innovation has become ...

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