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Why a Custom-Built AI Bot should be your Company’s Next Employee

by Arunlal Soman – Nothing is more important to the welfare of any company than the quality ...

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Supercharge Your Customer Engagement Initiatives with AI – Right Now

by Dr. Rob Nelson –  Are you a Starbucks customer? If so, and if you use ...

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Machine Learning Development Journey

by Hassan Faouaz –  Machine Learning Development Life Cycle (MLDLC) Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning ...

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The Five Key Factors That Can Ensure the Safety of YOUR Customer Data During Software Testing

by Wendy Castro –  These days, organizations are able to gather and store more information about ...

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What is the Value of Machine Learning? The Case of Credit Card Fraud Detection

by Eric Brown –  In my last blog post, I reported my observations of a Health ...

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The Future of Quality is in Automation

by Dov Rosenberg –  Our future is filled with almost unimaginable forms of new and improved ...

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Why I Love Machines that can Learn (AKA Artificial Intelligence)

by Hassan Faouaz –  It seems that Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s mind nowadays. People are ...

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Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing? It’s a Smart Move

by Frederick (PJ) Punzalan –  “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s a phrase you’ve heard your entire life. ...

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The Age of Voice-Activation Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

by Robert Wolverton –  “It’s voice activated, but you know, everything is voice activated these days.” ...

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