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4 Steps to Successful Cloud Migration

by Mark Sontz –  More and more organizations are moving to the cloud to enable innovation, ...

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Building better products with Design Thinking and Agile Development

by Biju Kalayil –  One day I left my car with multiple grocery bags in each ...

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How can Blockchain help with EHR and HL7? A Revolution in Healthcare Information Management

by Sai Yammada –  Healthcare organizations and their systems have a nagging problem. Patient information has ...

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How to decide whether to develop native or hybrid Mobile Apps and the rise of React Native

by Edith Bondoc –  For the past decade, we have observed the movement of device usage ...

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Highlights of a Healthcare Geo-spatial Hackathon

by Eric Brown –  What do you get when you mix: Health care problems that need ...

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Transforming Direct Selling with Agile Analytics

by Scott Chesney & Thomas Clarke –  The direct selling business is nothing if not dynamic. ...

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Is your Agile Project Sprinting to Failure?

by David Pyle –  According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, 78% of ...

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Transforming Your Organization from Product-centric to Customer-centric

by Darwin Castro –  “What time is the 3 O’ Clock parade?” Why would anyone ask ...

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The keys to success in delivering agile analytics in as little as 5 days

by Scott Chesney & Thomas Clarke –  It is shocking just how long some solutions take ...

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