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The FAST Digital Path to Value Creation

by Thomas Clarke 1995, 2007, and 2009 were milestone years in the evolution of digital transformation. ...

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Key Success Criteria for Managed Services: A Data Lake Environment Example

by Joe LoLordo Managed Services covers a broad spectrum of IT services and support that can ...

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How to Succeed at Digital Transformation

Digital transformation. It’s a buzz phrase that you hear quite frequently these days. In fact, it’s ...

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Agile Analytics

Agile Analytics offer the potential of breaking the cycle of futility, and delivering meaningful business impact ...

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RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics

RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics has evolved from our work with several regional banks that do not ...

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Claims system Conversion from Legacy Systems to Modern Claims Platform

Workforce Enablement with a Modern Platform Streamlining workflow is important in the insurance industry as firms ...

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Policy Administration Upgrade & Sustainment Support

Documenting Code Changes, Shifting Sustainment, Roadmap Creation Migrating a core system for any company is critically ...

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Machine Learning Development Journey

By: Hassan Faouaz, December 26, 2018 Machine Learning Development Life Cycle (MLDLC) Machine Learning (ML) and ...

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Why Financial Services Must Develop Deeper Customer Insights and Connections

Developing a more intimate and comprehensive relationship with customers offers a plethora of both short-term and ...

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