Skills, Responsibilities, and Organization

Advancing an organizations information capabilities requires new skills and disciplines. New skills are necessary to master technologies used for value realization, trustworthy data development, and business data management. Disciplines are internalized ways of working that ensure the consistent application of methods to develop and manage trustworthy data and analytic capabilities. Skills with tools don't by themselves guarantee effective results. Disciplines ensure work is performed and managed to effectively develop and sustain trustworthy data and realize value from analytics.

Additional management skills and disciplines will be required as Big Data & advanced analytics become part of an organization's technical architecture. These technical aspects will also affect work processes and organization responsibilities. Agile development, agile BI, user self-service, and ongoing stewardship of trustworthy data all affect work processes and organizational responsibilities.

Skills, responsibilities, and organization are an essential aspect of an information strategy and must be addressed in any implementation or analytics roadmap.