A Roadmap provides a shared vision of the steps an organization will take to achieve short-term and long-term goals regarding information analytics and reporting. An Information Plan, Information Roadmap, Analytics Roadmap, or any other roadmap initiative needs an implementation plan.

A roadmap aligns an information strategy with its implementation:

  • Identifies key business objectives and data and business information needs;
  • Aligns business strategy and goals to data and analytic areas of opportunity;
  • Provides a common and consistent way to prioritize data and analytic initiatives;
  • Identifies high value initiatives, including high level cost estimates for them;
  • Identifies data sources and any gaps or deficiencies;
  • Identifies the technical architecture required to capitalize on analytic areas of opportunity;
  • Identifies skills, responsibilities, and organization requirements for successful implementation of the required technical architecture.

A Roadmap provides an Implementation plan designed to achieve business goals, objectives, and needs for data and analytics.