Business Information Needs

Business units need a wide range of business information to perform their work. They have data needs for day-to-day tasks and analytics as well as a range of problems getting data suitable for their use. They have operational workloads and goals to accomplish. They have executive business goals and drivers to support. This wide range of information needs is critical to assess for an effective information strategy.

The best way to understand these information needs is to identify how the data will be used through business information management. Knowing the business's data use scenarios provides a specific capability that a trustworthy data repository must support. In addition, knowing business and operational goals allows data and analytics development to focus on business value realization rather than simply solving data problems and developing descriptive analytic reports, dashboards, and queries.

Because the data needs of an organization can seem overwhelming in number and complexity, ranking them is essential. This is done with the business organization so that the resulting priorities are theirs. Often, IT departments will focus on implementing data and analytics that are easiest to provide rather than what is most beneficial for the business (one of Information Management's five problems that prevent success with data and analytics (link here).

Work from the business's data use back to developing trustworthy data. The reverse is to have the tail wag the dog.