Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is the set of processes and technologies that govern the creation, persistence, manipulation, usage, and quality of master data. Operationally, an MDM solution consists of:

  • A “Golden Record” of business data that accurately represents master data for each (Customer, Supplier, Product, Order, Employee) entity in the real world;
  • All data about the entity needed by the business, not only the data in applications but data in individual business files, contact lists, databases, spreadsheets, and so forth;
  • A sustainable solution for assuring the quality of this data that is:
  • Scalable – achieves the target state for master data and all its part in data use scenarios;
  • Extendable – able to include more attributes or changes to existing attributes that occur over time;
  • Preventive – keeps quality of the data from deteriorating over time;
  • A Foundation for MDM – able to grow successfully over time.