Big Data

Big data provides significant opportunities with its ability to provide a platform for data management, help lower IT costs, accelerate data capture and integration, and deliver data and advanced analytics across all types of data in a single environment. The challenge is to apply the unique properties of big data – it is a very different type of technology – properly so these advantages are realized. RCG has found that most companies simply don’t understand how best to use big data technology. With our deep big data experience, we help our clients realize value and develop expertise applying big data to their business.

RCG has been recognized by CIO Review, CIO Story and Healthcare Tech Outlook for our leadership in providing Big Data Solutions.


Additionally, RCG has partnered with the foremost Hadoop-based data platform providers to enable industry-leading solutions using best practices. Our partners include Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, Pitney Bowes, Trifacta,  Informatica Big Data Edition, and Attunity.

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Read Insights on Big Data, Hadoop and the Internet of Things

RCG’s delivery leaders are sharing their expertise and thoughts in weekly blogs.  A number of these are focused on the application of big data.

Data Ingestion:

Data Science:

  •  Enhance Your Big Data Marketing Analytics with a Hype-Free Approach by Damon Samuel contemplates the waning years of the last century, and the early years of this century, wherein Big Data has been endlessly hyped as the thing that would enable a new golden age of marketing.
  • Is Domain Knowledge Needed for Data Science? by Ramesh Koovelimadhom shares the perspective that today’s massive data sets, along with the mathematical tools and computing power to crunch these numbers, challenge the old world paradigm of hypothesizing before modeling.
  • Data Analytics: Art or Science by Nilesh Kulkarni observes that we use analytics to improve the quality of the decision-making process, and to shape business decisions and actions to best achieve organizational targets and asks, “But is this an art or science?”

Challenges and Approaches:

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