Model Driven Requirements

Business Analysis Planning, Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Elicitation & Analysis

RCG uses a model-driven approach to develop a high level function and data model for business functions impacted by the initiative and to validate business objectives. We use various models including high-level function models that list the major operations that this initiative should cover and object interface models which illustrate the high-level flow of what the business are trying to do.

Complete models address the why, who, what, when, where, and how of a system:

  • WHY: Defines the strategy and objectives
  • WHO: Defines the actors who are performing processes
  • WHAT: Defines the data and associated attributes
  • WHAT: Defines the frequency of functions and timeliness of the data
  • WHERE: Defines the locations of the processes performed as well as the data sources
  • HOW: Defines the functions and process flows and interactions among them