Business Facilitation

Vision & Strategy, Methodologies, Strategic Roadmap

RCG uses a variety of tools and techniques uses the elicitation and definition of a solution roadmap for business facilitation. RCG teams lead workshops and identify key business requirements that define the future business model for client operations.  The business requirements are used to drive the selection of application software packages or as the basis of a custom development effort.  The RCG approach provides several benefits:

  • Employs creative thinking techniques (e.g. Functional and lateral thinking) to get “out-of-the-box” and attempt to discover break-through future-state concepts and ideas for all “touch-points” that deal with the customer;
  • Considers significant internal and external touch-points that can affect the customer;
  • Identifies opportunities for improvements enabled through the use of current or acquired information and systems technology;
  • Establishes a fact-based case-for-action (return on investment) to validate the most appropriate alternative and action plan for moving forward.