Software Testing

Test Planning, Test Execution, Centralized Testing, Test Environment Setup, Scheduling and Planning

As businesses continue to roll out customer-facing applications, the need to deliver high quality, well-tested applications becomes critical. Software Testing is the creation of an independent testing group within an organization responsible for System Testing of all applications prior to production deployment.

If you don’t have a Software Testing and QA organization, you are probably:

  • Performing testing with expensive business analysts or developers versus a lower cost dedicated test team;
  • Not applying a standard test methodology across all of your development projects;
  • Not employing dedicated hardware and software to perform testing, thereby spending more than necessary;
  • Incurring a large amount of defects in production causing stress on your production support and help desk budgets.

The deployment of a standard testing methodology will improve software quality and reduce rework and defects by 40%. Hardware consolidation will reduce costs by 20-50%. Hourly rates for testers are 30% less than for developers, and developers time is freed up for more meaningful tasks.

By outsourcing the Testing function to RCG, the client can realize all of the above benefits with a demonstrable ROI.