Best Practices

Quality Roadmap, Vision and Strategy, Transition Plan

Customer-facing applications over the web are forcing businesses to review their QA governance and risk-based testing practices to enhance performance, minimize downtime, and proactively seek defect-free applications before deploying them into production, when defects are much more costly and time-consuming to repair.

RCG’s QA & Testing Best Practices Assessment is designed to review your testing methodologies and procedures. The assessment provides a detailed list of recommendations that form the backbone of a roadmap to achieving testing best practices. The results of the assessment can be tailored to form a deployment plan, mentor your staff, and/or help transfer testing best practices throughout your testing organization. Typical products of the assessment are a Gap Analysis, a Recommendations Report and a Deployment Plan. The Gap Analysis details each area recommended for change. The Deployment Plan helps you estimate your immediate software testing needs and those that you anticipate in the future.

RCG’s proprietary QA & Software Testing methodologies are based on the work of the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model®, IEEE standards, ISO 9000 and the Quality Assurance Institute.