Production Support

An Application Maintenance solution enables the enterprise to transfer the management of one or more of its applications to RCG. Application Maintenance addresses ongoing support for web-based, client/server or legacy mainframe applications, implementation of new technology, or upgrades to existing technology. RCG assumes all levels of responsibility from discrete project support, to multi-year outsourced service-level agreements (SLAs), to acquiring a client’s IT staff as RCG employees. RCG also provides additional capacity to a client organization allowing them to redeploy their resources to concentrate efforts on new business initiatives or core applications.

RCG clients save an average of 10-25% on outsourced Application Maintenance as compared to in-house resources. Offshore Application Maintenance saves upwards of 50% in labor costs.

An Application Maintenance solution encompasses the following major activities:

  • Production support
  • User support
  • Maintenance requests (corrective and preventive)
  • Enhancement requests (adaptive and perfective)
  • Continuous improvements
  • Estimating and consulting
  • Governance