Maintenance & Management

Application Management focuses on helping enterprises leverage their existing IT investments, automate and streamline processes, and add functionality not available through off-the-shelf application packages. RCG provides Application Management solutions and resources to develop, maintain, support, integrate, and deploy application systems.

RCG’s Application Management solutions address:

  • Ongoing support for web-based, client/server or legacy mainframe applications
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Upgrades to existing technology

Portfolio Assessment evaluates a set of specific, group, or enterprise applications with respect to its suitability and benefits in an outsourced environment. RCG may, for example, recommend bundling a set of applications to promote cost or efficiency advantages.

Maintenance & Enhancements focuses on production support services including corrective, preventive, adaptive and perfective solutions for suites of applications. The ability to subscribe to a support option of the client's choosing from discrete project support, to outsourced multi-year service level agreements to client employee transition to RCG employees are all available.

Modernization addresses application conversion, replacements, migrations, upgrades, rewrites, and redevelopment. It embraces reusable components and it reduces the breadth of skills needed to support multiple technology platforms. Our code-tracing approach ensures that old system functionality is fully transferred to the modernized replacement system.