Web Applications

Internet, Extranet, Intranet

Responsive web applications that are useable across multiple devices and browsers are now the norm.  Additionally, many enterprise applications are developed for delivery through web browsers. RCG approaches web development with a user-first point of view.  If the web application delivers a positive user experience, users are more likely to transact with you using your site.  RCG defines business objectives in areas such as usability, functionality, branding and content and works to accelerate user engagement through successful relationship development. Our web application development principles focus on design, data and form:

  • Using principles of pre-attentive attributes such as layout, whitespace, fonts, colors, and appropriate illustrations
  • Highlighting the most important data to make it stand out and giving meaning to disparate information
  • Making displays not only meaningful, but memorable.

RCG have worked with clients to provide holistic solutions using a variety of technologies that serve the clients as well as delivering the consumer experience the businesses expect across all value levers of an online business that focuses on the main metrics of volume, experience, conversions, and cost per convert, with options for web architectures and web-based applications to suit clients in a variety of industries.