Enterprise Applications

Cross Functional, End-to-End, High Visibility

Whether it is new functionality for a mainframe application, interfaces to a global ERP or a custom solution using leading design tools and development technologies, RCG has relevant expertise to define, design, develop, test, deploy and sustain your global, enterprise applications.  Our team is skilled in both legacy and current technologies as well as waterfall, iterative, agile and SCRUM software development lifecycles.

Enterprise Applications are typically developed by a team with a cross-section of skills including – but not limited to – roles such as Business Architect, Business Analyst, Application Architect, Application Designer, Application Developer, Quality Assurance Tester, Configuration Manager and Release Manager. The level of involvement of these skills varies depending upon the nature and complexity of the effort.

RCG's management and staff have a thorough understanding of our methodologies and processes – and our customers' methodologies and processes when they are assigned to customers' projects – which directly translate to a high degree of competency in areas such as:

  • Capturing business context, architecture, requirements and process models
  • Creating solution architecture and high-level design which meets the requirements
  • Decomposing the architecture and design into detailed design specifications, including unit test cases
  • Developing and unit testing code
  • Performing assembly, integration, system and performance testing of unit-tested code
  • Migrating code between software configuration management environments; this includes following customer-specified procedures and schedules, and multiple environments as necessary
  • Performing all the necessary communications and project management activities throughout the steps listed above
  • Performing a “lessons-learned” session at the end of the project or iteration to identify areas for improvement in future efforts