Cloud and Mobility

High Performance, Accessible, Responsive

The availability of high network bandwidth and virtualization of infrastructure have made cloud computing possible – enabling on-demand capacity.  The idea of being able to use – and pay for what-you-need-when and as you need it is changing our approach to application development and usage models.

RCG works with clients to define their cloud strategy and to implement that strategy as a solution for public, private, or hybrid solutions. The migration to cloud requires consideration of a number of common IT topics in this emerging context including security, privacy, compliance and legal, as well as governance, portability, scalability, sustainability, interoperability, open source, and open standards.

Additionally, the increasing availability of on-demand services and applications points to the shift to a customer centric focus in most industries – financial services, retail, healthcare, entertainment & hospitality, and energy & utilities. Customers are looking first to their mobile devices, as well as to their social networks, to interact with and about their service providers and employers.

RCG works with clients to define their mobile strategy for cloud-based services and to implement that strategy as a solution for internal and external users.

Mobile Solutions are composed of two parts – the mobile device and the server.  Although devices and servers range in capability, there are a set of characteristics common to all enterprise, mobile solutions. In addition to these base services, an enterprise mobile solution may contain additional functionality to deliver specific business requirements.