Business & Technology Alignment

Companies will often have a well-defined business strategy but will fall short when the technical solutions don’t fully support or don’t stay in step with that strategy. This makes it hard for the business to fully deliver on their promises. We are constantly bombarded by “new” technologies like the Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, and Data Analytics. Are they appropriate and how best should you use these? New innovations and current investments in technology need to support and, at times, lead the change. RCG recognizes this and through RCG’s Business & Technology Alignment process, we will help your company identify and review the key business and IT drivers, assesses the current business and IT environment, refining/defines the future technology requirements we are able to categorize key findings, identify, score and rank those opportunities and determines their complexities. We will then incorporate the business drivers and priorities and work with you to develop a blueprint for the technology strategy – a very effective IT and business alignment. Another important benefit is that RCG is technology agnostic which allows us to be impartial when reviewing and making technology recommendations.