The greatest challenge to any Governance program is demonstrating its relevance to the business as a whole. Too often Governance programs become bureaucratic and bound up in their own importance. RCG Global Services helps clients establish effective governance by focusing Governance on four critical elements:

Governance is a management process.
The methods and process of Governance management must be clear, roles and responsibilities must be well-defined, and accountabilities must be defined and measurable.

Governance helps the company achieve its business goals.
Governance is a management process – its effectiveness can only be measured by how well it helps a company achieve its goals.

Governance focuses on artifacts.
An artifact is an official working document that makes clear what objects are being “governed.”

Governance fits the company.
Each company is different and Governance is not a one size fits all proposition. To be successful, Governance must fit the company rather than have the company fit the Governance.

Establishing an effective Governance program requires an approach that understands the client's goals and objectives for Governance, how Governance currently works for the client, and what the client needs for a Governance program to succeed.