Program and Project Management

Our enterprise-wide focus on delivery excellence® underscores all that we do at RCG. RCG's Program and Project Management (PM) solutions are based on mature methodologies, best practice, IT leadership, and over four decades of experience. These best practices reduce project costs up to 36% and ensure successful project completion, on-time, and within budget. Contact RCG if you need:

  • Experienced program or project managers. We can help you complete a challenging program or project when you might lack the required in-house skills.
  • Establish a formal support organization for program and project management. This is one of the most powerful steps your organization can take to integrate the processes and tools that enable organizational mastery of project management. A Project Management Office is a permanent office charged with improving the success of projects and programs and fostering best project management and IT leadership practices. It standardizes the project management effort enterprise-wide.

A Project Management Office provides a permanent functional area and staff tasked with creating and managing the framework, techniques, and culture required to deliver successful projects. It provides the foundation for IT to control, measure, and share information, including all essential elements for a customer-focused, business-centric approach to project management.

The Project Office is also a facilitator of change and acts as the focal point for identifying and evaluating new technology and business initiatives and products. It is responsible for the following functions:

  • Establishing the project management methodology/approach
  • Mentoring staff
  • Developing/selecting/delivering project management training
  • Creating and managing the culture and techniques required to manage projects
  • Managing the enterprise project portfolio
  • Providing the base/rules/tools for resource management
  • Continuously improving best practices
  • Monitoring project activities across the entire organization
  • Consolidating reporting to management