Maturity Assessment

Organizations spend millions of dollars defining, implementing, and training their employees in their processes. Ensuring that these are used correctly and that employees improve them is often a problem. RCG’s Maturity Assessment provides an objective look at the state of your project management methodologies, processes, and practices. The objective report card helps address common questions, such as:

  • Are our processes applicable?
  • Can we improve our Project Management approach?
  • How can we determine whether our current project management methodology works?
  • How can we address process gaps?
  • What disciplines should be in place to manage change control and shifting priorities?
  • Are we using the correct tools for the job?

RCG’s comprehensive repeatable assessment yields an accurate baseline from which to seek excellence in project management. Our process reviews the corporation's attitude towards project management, ensures that there is an appropriate environment which includes the organizational support structure, method and tools, and reviews the skills profile of the project managers.  Through a methodology gap analysis, interviews and on-site analysis, RCG outlines a plan of attack to allow your project management organization to fix problem areas and improve upon what is already functioning well.