IT Enterprise Health Check

It is relatively easy to measure the performance of IT services in terms of availability, response time, costs, efficiency, ease of use, and end-user satisfaction. Today, however, much more is demanded from the IT organization. Only when IT services are aligned and integrated with business can true value be achieved.

“Improving the understanding of the IT organization's value contribution depends on the maturity of IT governance and a consensus about IT strategic direction. All three areas need to be strengthened together to find the sweet spot.”

— Gartner

Value is realized when business processes are reliable, faster, and cost-effective; when you have better control over your inventories; or when revenue and margins are increased and time to market is reduced. Ideally, you want to have the right information at your fingertips at the right time, enabling you to make informed decisions. Whatever the case may be, the optimum application of IT creates business value. Often, the IT portfolio and tools to create that value are deficient, misused or non-existent. It is the IT department's responsibility to do an IT health check service and identify those weaknesses and remediate them at the source.

RCG IT Enterprise Health Check solution offers deeper insights into how your current IT systems can deliver business value. We evaluate your process, people, tools and metrics, determine the root causes of real or perceived risks, and facilitate discussion around our findings and recommendations.

RCG knows what hidden strengths and weaknesses to look for in your IT framework and governance structures through IT audit. We act as the objective third-party who can help you derive business value from your IT initiatives by integrating strategy, governance and the IT organization’s value contribution, rather than treating them as separate initiatives.