Business Architecture

Business Architecture is a model-driven approach to business processes, rules, information, and organizational design that result from business strategy. It is repeatable, maintainable, and visually appealing to business and IT alike.

Business Alignment is the perennial chart-topper on top-ten lists of IT issues. It is tough to keep business and IT aligned as business strategies and technologies evolve continuously driving the need for system improvements, functional enhancements, and new business-IT projects.

It's even tougher to win business confidence when IT projects are failing at alarming rates. According to a report by Software Productivity Research which tracked 6,700 projects across 500 enterprises, failure rates for new information systems hover near 25 percent, with another 17 percent of projects reporting cost overruns. For complex systems, the failure rate was 65 percent, with another 25 percent of projects experiencing cost overruns.

Business Architecture solves the IT Alignment issue and the Business Requirements issue.