Business Process Innovation

As the pace and competitive nature of the business environment intensifies there is an increased need to for a common view of business function and process across which the business and prioritize, streamline and integrate. Changes in markets, competitors, products and customer needs means that the businesses are going to experience an ever increasing need to react to and manage the change that is required to meet these needs to compete and grow. These changes may be changes to and better integration of existing business process and systems, consolidation of information through Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives, implementation of new (or changes to existing) business process brought about by acquisition or changing customer needs. How do we retool ourselves to better service these needs? One of the ways is to create a view of the enterprise through Enterprise Architecture and, more specifically, through the business blueprint (business architectural aspect) of the enterprise. Business Process Innovation is a key enabler for Governance, Portfolio Management, and Business Intelligence and Analytic initiatives.