Value Creation – A Digital Journey

Blog 18-5 - ABhatia

Digital Darwinism is a good thing. Both the customer and employee behaviors are changing; we need to create and leverage this capability in our businesses

Apply Big Data Techniques to Credit Risk Management

Blog 18-4 - AVeluz

Banks have acknowledged that in order to do better business, they need to be able to make better data-driven decisions and in an age where data is everywhere, it makes sense to jump into Big Data implementations

How Mobile Test Automation can Reduce the World’s Infestation of Defective Mobile Apps – and Save You Money, Time, and Lost Customers

Blog 18-3 - BLambert Title Graphic

Savvy companies have found test automation to be a vital component of successful mobile app projects

Uproot your Server Farm with Serverless Computing

Blog 18-2 - NNoble

Upload your code to the cloud where it magically runs and only pay when you call it. You do not need to provision, manage or think about servers at all.

Customer 360: You Know All About Your Banking Customers. You Just Don’t Know What You Know.

Blog 18-1 MFischer

If your financial institution is like most these days, the truth is that you know a great deal about your customers. And the problem is that you don’t know what you know about your customers.