Revenue Management – have you ever sold a used item?

Blog 17-32 - ABhatia

The idea is two-fold: Have a market segmentation strategy (capture consumer surplus) and match price to demand (peak-load pricing).

Software Quality Should be a Shared Responsibility – Not a Hot Potato

Blog 17-31 - LMendiola

Quality assurance should be a mindset that’s entrenched in all phases of a project

Use Agile Methodologies to Profit from the 99% of Your Data that’s Going to Waste

Blog 17-30 -JLang

Making the most of Big Data requires an attitude of openness: open to new ideas, new concepts, and open to exploring ways of using entirely new forms of information.

The World-Changing Potential of Blockchain Technology

Blog 17-29 - HVos

Blockchain is an immutable, unhackable, distributed database of digital assets that is totally transparent and auditable. It is a platform for truth and for trust.

Big Data Analytics Offers Oil & Gas Producers Opportunity to Reduce Cost and Increase Profits

Blog 17-28 - BMorgan

like most industries in this age of Big Data, the O&G industry is generating more data than ever before. Data is flooding in at unprecedented rates, and much of it is going unused

How Healthy is your Mobile Strategy?

Blog 17-27-JDwyer

A strong overall mobile strategy is no longer optional and must be a top priority for any healthcare organization

Data Warehouses and Data Lakes Serve Different Purposes

Blog 17-26 - RSkriletz

The expectations for a data lake need to focus on the future, not just the current, use cases for data. This means using deep data sets that include history, third party data enhancement, and a wide variety of data types and data structures

Advanced Testing in the Age of AI and Predictive Analytics: Are You Ready?

Blog 17-25 - JSilverio

Testing traditionally looked for bugs that infested the code, preventing it from performing properly, but in the AI age, testing will need to do much more.

Be careful how you build that data viz! The Power, Speed and Dangers of Visualizations

Blog 17-24 - AVeluz

With lightning speed, managers and executives can routinely whip out DIY visualizations built upon volumes of data.