Be careful how you build that data viz! The Power, Speed and Dangers of Visualizations

Blog 17-24 - AVeluz

With lightning speed, managers and executives can routinely whip out DIY visualizations built upon volumes of data.

From Monoliths to Microservices – Benefits and Challenges

Blog 17-23 - MSontz

Microservice architectures promise to deliver flexibility and scalability to the development and deployment of service-based applications.

Will Big Data Save YOUR Life?

Blog 17-22 - RWolverton

Medical technology utilizing Big Data will make measurements and recordings of blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and other vitals available to everyone, all the time.

The Powerful Potential of Making Data Actionable with an Analyst-Driven Approach

Blog 21 - DRana

The traditional approach to taking data from raw to usable is a very IT-intensive process and is anything but fast; making raw data usable normally takes many weeks or even months.

Trying to Become Agile? You Might Be Going About It All Wrong

Blog 20 - ACobarrubias

Process change must follow cultural change, not vice versa. Getting those reversed can result in negative consequence

Retailers, Hadoop and Modern-Day Alchemy: Turning XML into Gold

Blog 17-19-SThompson

All of that vast quantity of XML data your retail business has accumulated—it’s just sitting there. How can businesses access, store, understand, and derive value from XML data

Immediacy versus Urgency: Managing Change in Agile Projects

Blog 17-18 DRosenberg

Just because a project uses agile methodologies that are designed to be flexible doesn’t mean that uncontrolled change is allowed or desirable.

Metrics that Matter: Cutting through the Clutter to Find what Really Impacts Your Business

Blog 17-17-DSamuel

These advanced analysis techniques will help identify metrics that move together, and that are representative of an underlying phenomenon in your business that you need to pay attention to.