Revenue Management – have you ever sold a used item?

Blog 17-32 - ABhatia

The idea is two-fold: Have a market segmentation strategy (capture consumer surplus) and match price to demand (peak-load pricing).

Software Quality Should be a Shared Responsibility – Not a Hot Potato

Blog 17-31 - LMendiola

Quality assurance should be a mindset that’s entrenched in all phases of a project

Use Agile Methodologies to Profit from the 99% of Your Data that’s Going to Waste

Blog 17-30 -JLang

Making the most of Big Data requires an attitude of openness: open to new ideas, new concepts, and open to exploring ways of using entirely new forms of information.

The World-Changing Potential of Blockchain Technology

Blog 17-29 - HVos

Blockchain is an immutable, unhackable, distributed database of digital assets that is totally transparent and auditable. It is a platform for truth and for trust.

Big Data Analytics Offers Oil & Gas Producers Opportunity to Reduce Cost and Increase Profits

Blog 17-28 - BMorgan

like most industries in this age of Big Data, the O&G industry is generating more data than ever before. Data is flooding in at unprecedented rates, and much of it is going unused

How Healthy is your Mobile Strategy?

Blog 17-27-JDwyer

A strong overall mobile strategy is no longer optional and must be a top priority for any healthcare organization

Data Warehouses and Data Lakes Serve Different Purposes

Blog 17-26 - RSkriletz

The expectations for a data lake need to focus on the future, not just the current, use cases for data. This means using deep data sets that include history, third party data enhancement, and a wide variety of data types and data structures

Advanced Testing in the Age of AI and Predictive Analytics: Are You Ready?

Blog 17-25 - JSilverio

Testing traditionally looked for bugs that infested the code, preventing it from performing properly, but in the AI age, testing will need to do much more.