Legacy Applications

Healthcare organizations have made significant investments in EHR and core administrative systems that must be viewed as leverageable assets.

Healthcare organizations have spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars to replace or upgrade their mission critical systems. Today’s market does not allow the time or funding to readily replace them.

Challenges include:

  • Legacy applications hold the historical data and drive current business processes
  • The high cost of replacement makes “rip and replace” a poor option in the vast majority of organizations
  • While legacy applications perform the functions originally designed for, they are slow to add newly required needs
  • Fast paced regulatory and external stakeholder demands often limit legacy improvement initiatives to just the ones absolutely required

Healthcare organizations need to figure out how to “expand” the legacy application without replacing it. A lack of resources, both time and capital, make replacement a poor option, and the best strategic option is to leverage the legacy application.

RCG has long and deep experience in the healthcare space in creating trusted data and business intelligence layers that allow for expandability of core legacy applications – meeting the strategic needs of our clients in a rapid and agile manner.