Risk Based Organizations

RCG’s Healthcare provides services to healthcare’s Risk Bearing Organizations, with a focus on leveraging technology to achieve clinical quality and financial improvements.

In healthcare, it is now all about risk management. As risk moves toward new types of Value-Based Care (VBC) models, or simply at-risk models that are closer to the capitation and per diem models we are most familiar with, there are new types of Risk Bearing Organizations (RBOs) which must develop patient-centric analytics strategies. RBO’s must implement analytic capabilities ahead of risk to achieve quality improvements and financial goals.

RCG solutions concentrate on the following key industry drivers:

  • Patient-centric analytics
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Information integrity and integration
  • Cost reduction

We help our clients balance business, clinical and information technology strategies to meet the highly competitive economic and business demands in the healthcare industry.
Our service offerings focus on helping RBOs balance the ever increasing cost of healthcare while maintaining a high-level of patient care. All of this needs to be done while operating within the ever-changing regulatory landscape. RBOs are also faced with other demographic and market challenges including:

  • Aging population
  • Deteriorating health status
  • Increasing medical liability costs
  • Shifting focus from employer-sponsored market to a consumer (retail) market