Mobile Transformation

Healthcare lags behind other industries in understanding their customer’s digital services and channel preferences.
Healthcare organizations have struggled to develop comprehensive and engaging mobile strategies that engage the customer and improve the customer experience with the organization.

Challenges include:

  • The bar is high – healthcare organizations must realize they do not compete against other healthcare organizations, they are competing against mobile expectations from other industries (i.e., Amazon, financial services)
  • Most healthcare organizations show a notable lack of mobile technology expertise
  • Growing pressure for executives to own the organization’s mobile experience and applications as a critical strategic asset
Healthcare Mobility Pitch RCG develops mobile strategies and executes the design, build, testing and deployment of mobile applications for global leaders in entertainment, hospitality, and financial services.

The time is now for healthcare organizations in all four segments to leverage mobile and enhancing the customer experience as a market differentiator.

Mobile success is predicated on a) understanding healthcare and b) understanding how to build and implement mobile applications at the current customer expectation level.

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