Growing and Siloed data

Healthcare organizations have patient and member data in multiple systems and locations making creation of a consolidated record difficult at best.

The high costs and technical challenges of consolidating organization data on the patient and member are made even more challenging by the exponential growth of data in these silos.

Challenges include:

  • Significant complexities in solving data interoperability
  • High cost of consolidation in traditional approaches
  • Inexperience with Hadoop/Spark/big data technologies
  • Security and privacy requirements increase complexity
  • Incomplete or insufficiently defined business objectives to generate value from data consolidation

RCG’s Data & Analytics practice has over two dozen engagements in the Fortune 500 designing, building and implementing Hadoop/Spark/big data solutions.

In conjunction with our deep healthcare knowledge of the multiple and disparate healthcare data sources within a system or enterprise, RCG can help your organization unlock your digital healthcare potential.