Our Entertainment and Hospitality industry solutions focus on the changing market dynamics of travel & leisure, lodging, and media & entertainment companies where customer-centric differentiation is the key value discipline for most companies.

The new consumer is:

  • More knowledgeable with internet and mobile accessibility, online consumer-created content and social networks. Price and convenience are essential differentiators for most companies.
  • More empowered and demands unique requirements, tailored communications, and self-service and multi-channel options. Speed, volume, and transparency associated with internet travel distribution has put new pressure on most companies to re-calibrate their value chains.
  • More diverse since there is a lot of global and local influence and the consumer is very individualistic and demanding more convenience. Data-driven personalization and destination flexibility are keys for companies to compete.

RCG offers its clients a very customer-centric transformation – incorporating the customer's perspective (social integration) into the company's business and operations strategy, capability development, and execution to improve business performance and build customer loyalty.